Bass Strait Freight Pty Ltd operates a shipping service to Lady Barron, Cape Barren and the Furneaux Group of Islands with ‘as required’ services to King Island and Port Welshpool, Victoria.


We operate a regular weekly service between Bridport, Tasmania and Flinders Island and a regular monthly service to Cape Barren Island. In addition to the scheduled services, we also provide ‘on demand’ services for livestock and all other cargo. We average a total of 4 services per week and up to 6 return trips during peak periods to Finders Island.

We have a freight depot at Launceston and run a road freight service to and from Bridport. Our weekly scheduled service to Finders Island leaves on the tide on Monday afternoon/evening after collecting the fresh and frozen produce, Monday morning from Launceston.

Our purpose-built cargo vessels are capable of carrying up to 300 tonnes of freight, including break bulk and containerised cargo, including explosives, bulk fuel, fertiliser, livestock, wheeled cargo and motor vehicles.


We run the only marine freight business in southern Australia that still takes passengers. Matthew Flinders IV carries up to thirty passengers in a passenger lounge forward under the bridge and above the cargo deck. Many of our passengers accompany their cars and campers on the trip to Flinders Island. The service arrives at Lady Barron, Flinders Island approximately 7 hours after departing from Bridport.

Day accommodation only is available to passengers and it is a self-catering service. The service is also weather dependent so some flexibility is required for travel dates, particularly in winter.