Bass Strait Freight Pty Ltd operates a shipping service to Lady Barron, Cape Barren and the Furneaux Group of Islands with an ‘as required’ service to King Island and Port Welshpool, Victoria.


A weekly service between Bridport, Tasmania and Lady Barron, Flinders Island is provided for general cargo and ‘on demand services’ for livestock and all other cargo.

The purpose-built cargo vessels run by Bass Strait Freight are each capable of carrying an average of 300 tonnes of freight, including break bulk and containerised cargo, including explosives, bulk fuel, livestock, wheeled cargo and motor vehicles.


The Matthew Flinders III has the ability to carry up to twelve passengers, whilst the Matthew Flinders IV can carry up to thirty six passengers, but be advised that the vessels are firstly, freight vessels with the ability to carry passengers.

Day accommodation only is available to passengers and it is a self-catering service.

Bass Strait Freight has a weekly scheduled service, which departs Bridport on Tuesday morning, sailing on the early high tide. This service arrives at Lady Barron, Flinders Island approximately 8 hours after departing from Bridport. The return service departs Lady Barron approximately 9 hours after arrival, to arrive at Bridport on the high tide.